Franklin Sports has a great pickleball division.

Franklin Pickleball: Learn More About (and Shop!) Franklin Sports Pickleball Equipment and Paddles

‘A bad pickleball paddle is like a car without wheels; it just won’t go anywhere.’

This proverb clarifies the importance of having quality Pickleball equipment and paddles.

Enter Franklin Sports and their pickleball equipment.

Franklin Sports has been providing superior sporting goods since 1946, so their expertise was readily apparent when they entered the world of Pickleball in 2014.

This article will discuss what makes Franklin Sports’ Pickleball equipment and paddles stand out from the rest and how to shop for these items online.

Pickleball is a fun and physical game. Make sure you have the right shoes to play your best!
Pickleball is a fun and physical game. Make sure you have the right shoes to play your best!

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a paddle sport which combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It can be played both indoors or outdoors with either 2 or 4 people on a court that measures 20 by 44 feet for doubles play and 17 by 44 feet for singles play.

The net used in pickleball stands 36 inches tall on the sidelines and 34 inches tall at the center.

Players use paddles made from composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball over the net into their opponent’s side of the court.

The game consists of volleys back-and-forth across the net, with points scored when an opposing player fails to return the ball correctly within the bounds of the court.

Franklin Sports offers high-quality pickleball equipment such as lightweight graphite paddles, balls, nets and accessories so players can maximize their performance while having fun on the court.

Customers can easily shop Franklin Sports pickleball gear online today, and we’ll have some links from us here at Joe’s Pickleball to where you want to go. So let’s dive into everything you need to know about Franklin Pickleball!

Franklin Sports has a fantastic pickleball division with tons of equipment and apparel.
Franklin Sports has a fantastic pickleball division with tons of equipment and apparel.

What Is Franklin Sports Pickleball Equipment?

Pickleball is a racquet sport combining badminton, tennis, and table tennis elements. It’s one of North America’s fastest-growing sports and is played indoors or outdoors on a court similar to those used for doubles badminton. With its simple rules, pickleball can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.

Franklin Sports has been an industry leader in sporting goods since 1946, with its innovative products designed to help athletes perform at their best. As part of Franklin’s commitment to innovation within the Pickleball space, they offer some of the highest quality equipment available for the game today.

From paddles made from lightweight materials like aluminum or graphite to balls specifically engineered for superior flight performance, Franklin Sports offers everything you need to take your game to the next level.

Their USAPA-approved paddles come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy for players at any level to find exactly what they are looking for. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, there is something for every player:

  • Power Zone Performance Paddles – An ideal choice for beginners due to their lightweight design and larger sweet spot area, which provides more power on each shot
  • Pro Aluminum Core Paddles – Featuring added durability thanks to an aluminum core construction while maintaining maneuverability with its graphical surface
  • Graphite Blend Paddle – Offers top-of-the-line performance with maximum control through its combination of precision craftsmanship and advanced material technology
  • Accessory Sets – Perfectly complements your paddle selection with accessories such as covers, gloves, wrist straps, bags & backpacks, all approved by the USAPA (or USA Pickleball)

Franklin Sports Pickleball Equipment strives to provide customers with only the highest quality gear to get out onto the court and play!

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Pickleball?

Pickleball is a game that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. The sport combines elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis, with players using paddles to hit a perforated plastic ball back and forth across the net.

It is an enjoyable game for all ages and skill levels; competitive tournaments are held worldwide where experienced pickleball players can show off their skills.

The equipment needed to play pickleball includes specific paddles and balls designed specifically for this type of game. Franklin Sports produces high-quality pickleball paddles and other equipment, which help optimize gameplay while providing maximum control and comfort and improved power when hitting shots. These paddles also help protect against wear and tear, lasting longer even when used frequently during intense games or practices.

Playing pickleball offers numerous benefits to its players, including low-impact exercise, increased coordination, enhanced reflexes, social interaction opportunities, mental stimulation, stress relief and more.

With proper technique and the right Franklin Sports equipment, it’s easy to have fun playing pickleball, no matter your age or skill level.

There is lots to shop for at
There is lots to shop for at

How To Find The Best Pickleball Gear At Franklinsports.Com

Franklin Sports is an established leader in the pickleball equipment industry and provides a wide range of pickleball paddles to suit all needs.

Different types of pickleball paddles are available to meet the various playing styles of different players, including traditional, touch, and control paddles.

Additionally, pickleball paddles are made from various materials, such as aluminum, graphite, and composite.

Prices for pickleball paddles range from economical beginner paddles to advanced models, depending on the player’s skill level.

Therefore, Franklin Sports is well-positioned to provide pickleball enthusiasts with the best pickleball gear for all skill levels.

Some of Franklin Sports pickleball paddles.
Some of Franklin Sports pickleball paddles.

Types Of Paddles

The selection of Franklin Sports Pickleball paddles is vast and can be overwhelming for novice players. When shopping for pickleball gear at, it pays to research the types of paddles available and determine which type best suits one’s preferences.

From budget-friendly paddle sets perfect for beginner players all the way up to high-end options with extra features, there are a wide variety of choices in between that offer different levels of performance and price.

One popular option among beginners is the classic wooden paddle set from Franklin Sports Pickleball; this style provides an adequate balance between control and power while still providing a lightweight feel. For experienced players looking to take their game to the next level, composite graphite or aluminum alloy paddle sets provide greater stability when hitting shots with more spin potential than wood…without breaking the bank! also offers specialty pickleball paddles, such as oversized models or those designed specifically for defensive play – so no matter your playing style, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

When browsing through the various selections of Franklin Sports Pickleball equipment on, it helps to keep some key criteria in mind: desired weight range (lighter paddles tend to give more maneuverability but less power), intended use (defensive vs offensive) and price range (budget versus premium).

With these factors considered, shoppers should have little difficulty finding a suitable choice within their expectations – allowing them to make an informed purchase decision without compromising quality or value for money.

Paddle Materials

When choosing the right pickleball equipment, the material is an important factor to consider.

Franklin Sports Pickleball offers a wide range of paddle materials, from classic wooden paddles to high-end graphite and aluminum alloy models.

Each type of material has its own benefits depending on what kind of playing style you prefer and how much power or control you are looking for in your shots.

Wooden paddles offer lightweight maneuverability, while composite graphite and aluminum alloy paddles provide enhanced stability with more spin potential than wood.

Depending on budget constraints and performance requirements, there is sure to be something that matches one’s needs when shopping at for pickleball gear; this applies not only to materials but also other aspects such as weight ranges and intended use (offensive vs defensive).

Ultimately, making an informed purchase decision requires researching which options best suit individual preferences – allowing shoppers to find their perfect racket without sacrificing quality or value.

Franklin Sports has tons of other pickleball gear as well.
Franklin Sports has tons of other pickleball gear as well.

Price Ranges

Franklin Sports has more than just pickleball paddles. They have pickleball balls, nets, bags, and apparel. All high-quality stuff at decent prices, and quite fashionable too.

When shopping for pickleball gear at, the price range is another factor to consider when selecting equipment. The website offers various options with different prices to suit all budgets, from budget-friendly models to more expensive high-end paddles.

This allows shoppers to review the cost and quality of each product before making their purchase decision. The availability of varying price ranges also means that customers can choose products that best meet their needs without compromising on quality or value for money.

Customers can select items most suitable for them regarding features, performance and overall playability while remaining within their desired budget range. To ensure that they make an informed choice, buyers should research and compare prices across different vendors and read reviews from other users who have already purchased these products – this will help them find the right pickleball paddle at the right price point according to their own individual requirements.

Where To Shop For Franklin Pickleball Paddles And Equipment

Do you want to get the best pickleball equipment for your next game? Look no further than Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles and Equipment! With a wide variety of products, ranging from paddles to pickleball balls, there is something for everyone.

Players should consider the grip size, balance point, and construction material when shopping for the perfect paddle. Different grips can help improve ball control when hitting it with power or accuracy.

Balance points are also important as they affect speed, spin and stability during play. Lastly, materials used in construction will determine the durability and overall performance. For example, graphite-based paddles provide an excellent feel while maintaining strength and weight balance.

Franklin Sports makes it easy to purchase essential pickleball gear; their website features detailed product descriptions and helpful customer reviews. Furthermore, many orders qualify for free shipping and delivery right to your door within 2–3 business days.

So whether you’re playing at home or on the court—you’ll be sure to find what you need at Franklin Sports Pickleball!


Pickleball is a popular sport among people of all ages and abilities. It provides an enjoyable way to keep fit while also promoting social interaction and camaraderie.

Franklin Sports has provided high-quality pickleball equipment for over sixty years, making them a trusted name in the industry. Their selection of paddles, nets, balls, bags, and other accessories is designed with quality craftsmanship and superior materials that will last season after season.

By investing in Franklin Sports Pickleball Equipment, players can ensure they have reliable gear no matter their level, from beginners just starting out to professional tournaments.

Case in point: Joel Johnson recently won his first tournament using Franklin Sports paddles and was impressed by how well-balanced and responsive it felt throughout the match. He credits his win to having such great quality equipment on hand when he needed it most.

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