The Onix pickleball bag is one of the top bags you can get and it's available on Amazon.

Carry Your Gear In Style: Here Are the Pickleball Bag Essentials and the Best Pickleball Bags To Buy

Are you a serious pickleball enthusiast looking to up your game?

If so, carrying the right gear is essential.

There’s no better way to do this than with the perfect pickleball bag. Packed full of all the necessary items for peak performance, these bags are must-haves for any competitive player.

The perfect pickleball bag should be able to include everything you need and carry everything in one single tote. When I first started playing, I just used my backpack as the holder for my single paddle, ball, and shoes. But now that I am playing more, I need a pickleball duffel bag to hold my

  • Pickleball paddles
  • Pickleballs
  • Pickleball shoes
  • Personal items
  • My pickleball goggles
  • Even my laptop! (Most pickleball bags have a large main compartment big enough for any accessories I have – like a laptop – so I can go play right from work!)

As a sport gets more popular, so do the equipment and accessories available that will make playing it much easier. When playing it gets easier, you can fit it into your life better, making it all the more enjoyable!

So check out the bags I have recommended, read all about how great they are and how to care for them, and stuff them full of everything you need to ensure your pickleballing is as fun (and convenient!) and complete as possible.

In this comprehensive article, I’ll review all of the essentials every pickleball bag should contain to look and play your best; PLUS, I have even reviewed a selection of pickleball bags, narrowed them down to the top three, and recommended one.

Let’s dive in!

First, Let’s See What Your Pickleball Bag Needs to Hold

Before we get into everything you need to know about pickleball bags, let’s explain why you might need one. For instance, you need a pickleball bag to hold all your pickleball gear and other essential items! A pickleball bag is specifically designed to hold everything you need in customized places for easy access and convenient carrying.

With a pickleball bag, you won’t have to stuff your equipment in a backpack and search for what you need inconveniently. Here is a quick list of what you’ll need a picklebag for.


The first item every serious pickleballer needs is a quality pair of paddles. You don’t want something too heavy or light – it should feel comfortable when you’re playing and give you enough power behind each shot. Look for ones made from durable materials like carbon fibre or aluminum, and make sure they have good grip, balance, and spin capabilities.

Pickleball paddles and balls are the essential items for a pickleball bag.
Pickleball paddles and balls are the essential items for a pickleball bag.

Pickleball Balls (Whiffle Balls)

Next up are balls! The type of ball can make or break your game, so choose wisely. Opt for high-visibility models as they help track where shots land on the court more efficiently. I have found that yellow ones are good for outdoors but more challenging to see indoors. If you have poor eyesight, I recommend the orange whiffle balls for indoor or outside.


Whether playing indoors or outdoors, you’ll need proper footwear. These will most likely not be the shoes you wear to get to the courts. A pickleball bag is big enough to hold your court shoes, plus everything else you need.

Everything Else

It’s not just your equipment – we all have keys, wallets, laptops, phones, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, and a million other things we carry around on our person. A pickleball bag can conveniently and securely hold everything you need to bring along with you to the courts.

Pickleball bags also come in different sizes depending on what kind of game you’re playing — recreational or tournament level — so you can pick a style that fits you best. Make sure to get the one most suitable for you!

Let’s dive into the types of pickleball bags.

Types Of Pickleball Bags

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to pick the perfect pickleball bag? You’re not alone! Knowing where to start can be daunting with so many different types, styles, and materials available. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Understanding the types of bags available is essential for finding the right one tailored just for you.

Pickleball Duffle Bags

The pickleball duffel bag is the most popular type of bag on the market today. These are great because they offer plenty of space while still being lightweight and easy to carry. They come in various sizes and colours, so there’s sure to be something that fits your style perfectly. Many also feature shoulder straps or handles, making them easy to transport from place to place.

Pickleball Backpacks

Backpacks are another excellent option for carrying pickleball gear around. They provide ample storage and leave both hands free, making them ideal if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for transporting everything from rackets to balls without juggling multiple items at once. Backpacks also often come with special pockets designed specifically for storing smaller pieces like towels or water bottles – perfect for keeping everything organized during a match!

Pickleball Sling Bags

The sling bag is also very popular. This type of bag is more compact and sleek but still holds everything you need for pickleball playing. If you want something economical in both price and size, check out sling bags (we have one at the bottom of this article).

When deciding what pickleball bag is best for you, it’s essential to consider both material quality and durability and how comfortable it will be when worn over long periods. There are many options out there, so take your time exploring before investing in your new gear companion – after all, comfort should always come first!

There are many different pickleball bags available today because of pickleball's popularity.
There are many different pickleball bags available today because of pickleball’s popularity.

What To Look For In A Quality Bag

Now that you know the types of pickleball bags available, it’s time to explore what features make up a quality bag. A high-quality pickleball bag should have durable material, convenient organization, and comfortable straps.

First and foremost, when considering picking out a bag, pay close attention to its material. The bag’s fabric must be strong enough to hold all your gear without tearing or wearing down over time. Look for materials such as PVC-coated nylon or ballistic CORDURA; both are water-resistant and can easily stand up against wear and tear.

Next, consider how organized you want your bag to be. Quality bags often include multiple compartments designed with pockets for different items like paddles, shoes, clothing, balls, water bottles etc., so you always know where everything is when you need it! Additionally, look for adjustable dividers inside each pocket; if required, you can store more than one item in each section while keeping them separated.

Finally, comfort matters too! Choose a picklebag with thickly padded straps which evenly distribute weight across shoulders, providing extra cushioning during long games on the court. The back panel should also be cushioned or ventilated to keep air circulating between the body and backpack, preventing sweat build-up during play. All these features combined will ensure that not only do you carry your gear in style but also comfortably throughout your game day experience!

Pickleball bags have space to hold everything your busy life needs.
Pickleball bags have space to hold everything your busy life needs.

Must-Have Items To Pack

When packing your pickleball bag, there are certain essentials you can’t do without.

  1. Of course, the first must-have is a pair of quality paddles – preferably two if you and your partner are both playing.
  2. You’ll also want to ensure you have an extra set of grips handy in case yours wear out during the game.
  3. A water bottle is essential for keeping hydrated throughout play, and towels are great for wiping down sweaty hands between rounds. Most pickleball bags have a water bottle holder and compartments for everything you need.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to bring a hat or visor with a brim to shade your eyes from the sun!

Having these items on hand will ensure that you’re ready for any situation while playing pickleball. Now go ahead and confidently hit the court, knowing that all the necessary gear is within reach!

Benefits Of Carrying Your Gear In Style

Carrying your pickleball gear in a quality bag is an essential part of the game. Not only does it help keep all your items organized and secure, and it can also add to your style on the court. The benefits of carrying your gear in style are plentiful!

Having a good pickleball bag helps you stay organized during games, tournaments or matches. Quality bags come with several compartments that allow you to store different types of equipment like paddles, balls, water bottles, towels and more. With everything stored securely in one place, you won’t have to worry about losing anything while playing.

A stylish pickleball bag can also be an extension of your personal style on the court. There’s a variety of colours and designs available, so you can find something that fits perfectly with your unique sense of fashion. Plus, having a nice-looking bag will make you look more professional and give off a confident impression when competing against other players.

No matter what type of player you are or how experienced you may be at the sport, investing in a quality pickleball bag has plenty of advantages for both function and aesthetics. From giving yourself peace of mind knowing all your equipment is safe to add some serious swagger to your wardrobe – there’s no doubt that getting the right bag essentials is worth every penny!

How To Care For Your Bag

When it comes to pickleball bag care, proper maintenance is essential. Regularly cleaning and storing your bag correctly can help keep it looking new for much longer. Here are some simple tips you should follow to ensure that your bag remains in good condition:

  1. First, give the exterior of your bag a regular wiping down with a damp cloth or sponge. Remove any dirt buildup and wipe away any excess moisture afterwards.
  2. Additionally, if you have leather components on your bag, use a specialized cleaner designed specifically for leather items according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Next, store your pickleball gear properly when not in use. Place the bag somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight so that it won’t be exposed to excessive heat or humidity, which could damage its material over time.
  4. Make sure all zippers are done up tightly before storage as well.
  5. Also, take extra precautionary steps, such as using waterproofing treatments like sprays or waxes to protect against water damage if necessary.
  6. Finally, inspect the straps and buckles regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying or cracking seams.

If these issues arise, replace them promptly before they worsen with further usage. These preventative measures will go a long way toward maintaining your pickleball bag in tip-top shape!

Recommended Pickleball Bags

I recently tried out three different pickleball backpacks: the TMPR Tour 2 Backpack, the OutdoorMaster Crossbody Sling Bag, and the Onix Pickleball Backpack Unit. All of these backpacks were designed to make it easier to carry pickleball equipment, and they all did a good job at that.

The TMPR pickleball bag has tons of space to carry everything you need for pickleball.
The TMPR pickleball bag has tons of space to carry everything you need for pickleball.

TMPR Tour 2

The TMPR Tour 2 Backpack is a beautiful bag with a great finish. It had several roomy compartments, a hidden pouch for a laptop, and was lightweight and comfortable. This bag has everything you need and want in a pickleball bag. However, it was also one of the more expensive options on the market.

Check out the price and website here.

The OutdoorMaster Sling Bag is a convenient and compact pickleball bag.
The OutdoorMaster Sling Bag is a convenient and compact pickleball bag.

OutdoorMaster Crossbody Sling Bag

The OutdoorMaster Crossbody Sling Bag was lightweight and compact yet still had plenty of room for all my pickleball essentials. It was also very affordable and had reversible shoulder straps for added flexibility. If you want something sleek and easy-to-carry, this sling bag is it. The only downside to this pickleball sling bag was that the straps lacked cushioning.

Check out the price and website here.

The Onix pickleball bag is one of the top bags you can get, and it's available on Amazon.
The Onix pickleball bag is one of the top bags you can get, and it’s available on Amazon.

Onix Pickleball Backpack

Finally, I tested the Onix Pickleball Backpack Unit. It was equipped with an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to wear, has a pocket for absolutely everything, and looks sleek and stylish. The best part is by far the massive storage space, which was segmented into several easy-to-organize compartments. The downside was that it was more expensive than the other two options, but it’s available on Amazon, so you can get it shipped to your door in a couple of days (yes, we all love the convenience of Amazon).

Check out the price and website here.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Onix Pickleball Backpack Unit, available on Amazon. It has everything you could ask for in a pickleball backpack and is well worth the price.


As a pickleball gear expert, I am proud to tell you that carrying your gear in style is essential to the game. With the right bag and items packed inside, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way on the court. Whether it’s a duffle, backpack or other types of bag, make sure you choose something with enough room to store all your essentials and quality materials that will last.

Be sure to include must-haves like sunscreen, water bottles, and extra grips and strings to stay comfortable during long matches. Not only will this help keep you playing at peak performance levels, but it also prevents having to cut short games due to discomfort or lack of supplies.

And don’t forget about proper care instructions too! Make sure to clean and air out your bag regularly to ensure its longevity so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

When choosing a pickleball bag, look for quality materials that are both durable and stylish. Pack sunscreen, spare parts, snacks and drinks before heading out onto the court. By following these tips and adequately caring for your bag, you can enjoy many years of convenience while taking your pickleball game up a notch or two!

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