Make sure you have plenty of balls when you go play nude pickleball.

The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Balls in 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wanted to know the ultimate guide to pickleball balls in 2023? You’re not alone! Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports out there, with millions of people worldwide joining in on the fun. With so many options for equipment, it can be hard to decide what ball best suits your game. We understand that and want to help ensure you have all the information you need to feel confident and comfortable playing this exciting sport.

That’s why we’ve put together ‘The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Balls in 2023: Everything You Need To Know’. In these two paragraphs, we will provide a brief overview of everything included in our comprehensive guide – giving you confidence that whatever choice you make will lead to an amazing pickleball experience.

So what does The Ultimate Guide cover? Our goal was simple: provide every bit of information necessary for choosing the right ball for any situation, indoor and outdoor. From beginner-level play all the way up to professional tournaments, our guide has something for everyone. We explain which materials are best suited for certain skill levels, how different types of balls affect player performance and tips and tricks from experienced players who have seen success at various competitions.

Plus, we’ll give you a few of the best pickleball balls in 2023 to choose from.

So whether you just started playing or want to take your skillset to the next level, this guide has got you covered!

Make sure you have plenty of balls when you go play nude pickleball.
Make sure you have plenty of balls when you go play nude pickleball.

Intro to Pickleball

Pickleball is a fun and exciting game that has captivated people of all ages for decades. It’s an indoor or outdoor sport, depending on the surface you play on, which combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.

Pickleball can be played with two to four players in singles or doubles formats. The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) governs pickleball rules and regulations nationwide.

When it comes to equipment, there are different options available when playing pickleball indoors versus outdoors. Indoor courts use a softer ball known as a “dura fast” ball, while outdoor courts require more durable balls such as green/blue composite plastic balls or graphite-based polymer ones.

Depending on your skill level, you may need to invest in higher-quality gear to maximize your game’s enjoyment. Ultimately, choosing the right type of pickleball ball depends on where you will be playing and how often you plan to practice or compete.

What Equipment Does Pickleball Require?

Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level? With the right pickleball equipment, you can become a pro quickly!

To get started on your winning streak, let’s talk about all of the necessary equipment for playing pickleball.

First and foremost is the ball – there are several types to choose from. The most popular choice is Dura Fast 40, made with Onix Fuse Technology, which creates an improved bounce pattern, allowing you more control over your shots. Another high-quality alternative is X Outdoor Pickleballs, which offer consistent speed and remarkable durability.

No matter what type of ball you decide to use, it’s important to have quality paddles and a net as well. Look for paddles designed specifically for pickleball; these should be lightweight and balanced to be easy to maneuver during gameplay.

Check out our blog on the top three paddles we recommend for different price points and skill levels.

Lastly, ensure you have appropriate apparel such as court shoes, shirts, and goggles – plus a bag to carry it all in. This will ensure maximum comfort while giving you a professional look on the court!

Outdoor Pickleballs

Outdoor pickleballs are the optimal choice for enjoying the game of pickles in gusty weather conditions. They are heavier, more durable and feature 40 drilled holes that reduce wind drag on the ball, commonly called an X-40.

The hard plastic construction allows for a faster, harder hit off the paddle, making it easier to power through intense rallies. However, due to their weight and material, they can be difficult to control precisely, resulting in shorter rounds.

When selecting an outdoor pickleball ball, many players consider the ONIX Fuse G2 Pickleball as one of the best options available today. USA Pickleball approves this high-performance outdoor ball, and it has become a favorite among competitive players for its long lifespan and dependable performance characteristics when playing outdoors.

When you’re looking for a quality outdoor pickleball ball, this should definitely be your go-to option!

Surprisingly, a good outdoor pickleball can help improve your game vastly.
Surprisingly, a good outdoor pickleball can help improve your game vastly.

Indoor Pickleballs

Indoor pickleballs are the go-to choice for most players. They allow you to control shots and rallies last longer, making them a great option if you want to practice your skills. Indoor balls feature 26 holes instead of the outdoor’s 40.

  • Fuse Indoor Pickleball is one of the more popular brands on the market, known for its durability and spin capabilities.
  • Selkirk’s Amped Pro was made specifically for indoor use and features enhanced grip technology that helps with spin control.
  • Penn 40 also has an excellent reputation among indoor players because it offers superior accuracy, thanks to its textured surface.
  • Lastly, jug balls provide optimal indoor performance due to their large holes, creating less air drag. These balls have become increasingly sought after by serious gamers looking for a competitive edge!
An indoor pickleball has 40 holes, while an outdoor pickleball has 26 (see photos).
An indoor pickleball has 40 holes, while an outdoor pickleball has 26 (see photos above).

Indoor Vs Outdoor: Which Should You Choose?

Pickleball players have long debated the pros and cons of choosing indoor or outdoor pickleball balls. Whether you’re a casual player, tournament enthusiast, or professional athlete, understanding the differences between these two types of balls is important for achieving peak performance on the court.

Indoor pickleball balls are generally lighter in weight with softer hardness and 26 holes. They provide enhanced control over the ball and make less noise when bouncing off surfaces, making them ideal for quieter games. Their softer material also means they last longer than their outdoor counterparts – perfect for those who want more value from their investment. Popular brands such as Franklin X and SLK offer quality indoor options that provide consistent bounce during play.

Outdoor pickleballs typically weigh heavier with harder rubber cores; outdoor balls have smaller holes and 40 of them. This gives them greater speed but makes it difficult to control hits accurately. Additionally, they will create louder noises due to their hard surface, which can be disruptive during quiet tournaments or recreational matches. Despite this, many professionals prefer using outdoor pickles because they allow them to put a spin on shots easily with their pickleball paddles and add an extra layer of challenge during competitive play.

No matter what type of playing style you choose, finding the right kind of ball is essential if you want to achieve your full potential on the court. Make sure to research different brands to find one that suits your skill level best!

Best Pickleball Balls To Purchase

Let’s take a look at the top pickleball balls for indoor surfaces and outdoor play.

The Onix Pickleball ball for outdoor pickleball.
The Onix Pickleball ball for outdoor pickleball.

Onix Outdoor Pickleball Ball

I was excited to try out the Onix Pickleball Ball. I was impressed with the added weight, which helped the ball fly straight, even in windy conditions. The reinforced seam also proved to be very durable, as I didn’t notice any splitting or damage after multiple games.

I liked that the ball was designed for aggressive play, as I tend to play with a lot of intensity and smash (volley) a lot. The authentic Bounce Technology also made for a consistent and predictable bounce, which is crucial in any pickleball match.

The only downside I found was that the ball is not approved for tournament play. While this wasn’t a big issue for me personally, it may be a drawback for more serious players.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Onix Pickleball Ball to anyone looking for a quality ball at an affordable price (less than $20 for 6 balls).

The Core Pickleball ball is a great value.
The Core Pickleball ball is a great value.

Core Pickleball Ball

If you want to get a whole bunch of balls in bulk, try the Core Pickleball Ball. I was impressed with the overall quality of the ball, as it felt sturdy and durable in my hand. I appreciated that it was approved by USA Pickleball, meaning it met the standards for tournament play.

The 40-hole design of the ball made for a consistent and predictable flight path, which is crucial in any pickleball game. I also found that the ball held up well in all weather conditions, which is important for those who like to play outdoors.

One downside I noticed was that the ball felt slightly heavier than some other brands I’ve used, which could affect the speed of the game. Additionally, while the bulk quantity is great for groups and clubs, it may not be necessary for the average player.

Overall, I would recommend the Core Pickleball Ball to anyone looking for a reliable and durable ball for pickleball. Its strong construction and all-weather design make it a great choice for players of all skill levels.

The Dura Fast 40 is one of the top outdoor pickleball balls.
The Dura Fast 40 is one of the top outdoor pickleball balls.

Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball Ball

I was excited to try out the Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball Ball. They are different than the regular whiffle balls I used to play with. Upon opening the package, I was impressed with the bright neon colour and the solidness of the ball, which offered excellent visibility on the court.

The ball itself felt sturdy and durable in my hand, which was reassuring during intense gameplay. I also appreciated that it met the standards for tournament play, meaning it was suitable for competitive games. This is the best outdoor pickleball ball available and is USAPA approved.

One of the standout features of the Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball Ball was its consistent bounce and flight path. The 40 precision holes on the ball ensured that it flew straight and predictably, which is essential for any serious pickleball player.

The only downside I found was that the ball felt slightly heavier than some other brands I’ve used. While this didn’t greatly affect my gameplay, it could be a consideration for those who prefer a lighter ball.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball Ball to any player looking for a quality ball that meets tournament standards. Its bright colour, sturdy construction, and consistent flight make it a great choice for anyone serious about their pickleball gameplay.

Make sure you get pickleball balls that abide by USAPA rules, especially if you want to play with them in tournaments.
Make sure you get pickleball balls that abide by USAPA rules, especially if you want to play with them in tournaments.

Official Pickleball Ball Rules

The USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) sets a high standard for quality play.

The official rules dictate that all approved balls must meet certain criteria in order to maintain consistent bounce and durability. Every ball must be within a 2.87-2.97 inch diameter range with no out-of-round variance exceeding .02 inches.

They must also weigh between 0.78 and 0.935 ounces and have 26 to 40 evenly-spaced circular holes on them. In addition, each ball must have a hardness of 40-50 on the Durometer D scale and pass a drop test from 78 inches, where it should reach 30-34 inches upon bouncing off of an official testing surface like granite or other similar material measuring 12” x 12” x 4” at ambient temperatures ranging from 75°F to 80°F.

It is important for referees to identify which model of ball is being used during tournament play; therefore, all officially approved balls will feature branding printed onto their exterior as well as any logos given by their manufacturers so there can never be any confusion about which type is being used during competition time!

While many different types of official balls are available at various price points – such as X-40s, X-26, and X’s – they can all provide excellent performance when properly maintained and stored per manufacturer guidelines. With proper care, you can ensure that your next game will always run smoothly!


In the world of pickleball, there are many options to choose from when it comes to picking the best balls. From Pickleball Central’s Onix Pure and Gamma Photon to SLK Competition’s top-of-the-line models, a dedicated player can find exactly what they need for any game.

But which is truly the best pickleball ball out there?

The answer lies in understanding each individual’s needs and skill level. The Onix Pure offers comfort and control due to its softer touch, while the Core Pickleball has long been praised for its balance between speed and spin. For those seeking even higher performance, then the Dura Fast 40 provides excellent durability without sacrificing feel or power.

These are some of the best pickleballs available. Check out Amazon for a selection of both indoor and outdoor pickleballs so you can choose which is best for you. They have the top pickleball brands and when you’re buying pickleballs, make sure you get the perfect ball for your playing style – power or precision.

No matter your choice, all these high-quality offerings provide ample opportunity to take your game further than ever before. With careful consideration of personal preference and play style, you’ll be able to find just the right ball that will have you dominating opponents on the court!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s start by talking about pickleball ball colours. What kind of colours do they come in, and which colour is the most popular? Then, let’s move on to ball lifespans – how long do they last, and what affects their longevity?

Pickleball Ball Colours

Pickleball ball colours come in a variety of options for indoor and outdoor balls.

Most commonly, you’ll find pickleballs that are orange and yellow, but there are also green and white ones available for those who prefer something more subtle.

Indoor balls tend to be softer than outdoor ones, so they’re great if you want some peace and quiet when playing; plus, the uniform holes allow them to fly more consistently than wiffleballs.

When it comes to choosing which colour is right for you, it’s all about personal preference – just make sure to experiment with different types before settling on one!

Ball Lifespans

When it comes to pickleball, everyone wants the best and longest-lasting ball. That’s why many people opt for Franklin X-40s – they’re considered one of the top quality balls on the market, especially when it comes to longevity.

These balls can last a few rounds or quite some time depending on your playing style, surface, and environment.

If you’re looking for something that’ll stand up over time but don’t want to shell out too much cash, there are also less expensive pickleballs available in indoor varieties.

So no matter what kind of budget you have or how serious you are about pickleballing, there’s an option out there for you!


Pickleball is an exciting and fun sport that requires some specialized equipment. When it comes to balls, players should consider whether they are playing indoors or outdoors when deciding which type of ball to use. It’s important to check the official rules before purchasing a pickleball ball so you know exactly what size and weight you need.

No matter what type of pickleball ball you choose, one thing is for sure: having the right gear helps make your game more enjoyable. With the right ball in hand, I’m sure everyone will have an amazing time on the court!

Pickleball is great way to stay active while enjoying time with friends and family – give it a try today!

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about pickleball balls, it’s time to get out there and enjoy some games. From beginners just starting out, to advanced players looking for the best performance from their equipment – this guide has something helpful for everyone.

So grab yourself a pickleball ball and let the games begin!

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