Explore 2 Pickleball Courts in Bear Lake, Michigan, United States

Bear Lake offers fantastic pickleball courts for residents and visitors. These courts are specially designed for playing pickleball, a fun and exciting sport. With these courts, people of all ages can enjoy playing pickleball in Bear Lake. Come and experience the thrill of this popular game in the city’s picturesque setting.

Bear Lake Village Cosier Park

2 courts

Bear Lake Village Cosier Park

12321 Wise St, Bear Lake, MI, 49614, USA

Accommodate thrilling games on dedicated outdoor pickleball courts, accessible for free to players of all levels.

Permanent LinesPermanent Nets
Pleasaanton Township Courts

4 courts

Pleasaanton Township Courts

8958 Lumley Rd, Bear Lake, MI, 49614, USA

Offering free concrete pickleball courts, it requires personal nets and provides restrooms for convenience.

Permanent LinesBring Your Own Nets