Explore 2 Pickleball Courts in Benton, Kentucky, United States

Benton is a beautiful city with exciting places to play pickleball. There are special courts where you can have fun with your friends, hitting a small ball with paddles. It’s a popular game that people of all ages enjoy. So grab your paddle and head to the pickleball courts in Benton for some active and thrilling fun!

HH Lovett Park

3 courts

HH Lovett Park

Benton Pickleball Courts, 510 E 14th St, Benton, KY 42025, USA

Experience illuminated evening play on hard-surface pickleball courts, freely accessible to all enthusiasts.

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Mike Miller County Park

4 courts

Mike Miller County Park

596 US Hwy 68 W, Benton, KY, 42025, USA

Discover invigorating pickleball play on well-maintained outdoor courts, featuring restrooms, water facilities, and nighttime lighting.

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