Explore 2 Pickleball Courts in Rexburg, Idaho, United States

Rexburg has fantastic pickleball courts where kids and adults can play. These courts are specially designed for pickleball, a fun and exciting game. People in Rexburg love playing pickleball and enjoy the friendly competition. The courts are well-maintained and offer a great place to have fun and stay active.

Pickleball Courts at Rexburg Nature Park

4 courts

Pickleball Courts at Rexburg Nature Park

W 5th S, Rexburg, ID, 83440, USA

Catering to enthusiasts, these asphalt pickleball courts offer permanent lines, nets, restrooms, and free access.

Permanent LinesPermanent Nets
Rexburg District Office Gym

8 courts

Rexburg District Office Gym

60 W Main St, Rexburg, ID, 83440, USA

Accommodates pickleball enthusiasts with indoor courts, requiring self-provided nets, and offers free access plus amenities.

Permanent LinesBring Your Own Nets