Explore 2 Pickleball Courts in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Richmond has wonderful places to play pickleball. These special courts are perfect for having fun with friends and family. They provide a safe and exciting environment for everyone to enjoy this popular game. So, grab your paddle and head to the courts for some pickleball fun!

South Arm Park

3 courts

South Arm Park

9020 Garden City Rd, Richmond, BC V7A 1G6, Richmond, British Columbia, V7A 1G6

Offers well-lit pickleball games with portable nets, permanent lines, and restrooms, freely accessible.

Permanent LinesPortable Nets
Hugh Boyd Park

6 courts

Hugh Boyd Park

9751 Pendleton Rd, Richmond, British Columbia, V7E 4M1

Accommodates all, Hugh Boyd’s pickleball courts offer permanent lines, nets, lighting, and wheelchair accessibility.

Permanent LinesPermanent Nets