Explore 2 Pickleball Courts in Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

Warwick has fantastic places to play pickleball. These courts are specially designed for pickleball enthusiasts. They provide a fun and friendly environment for people of all ages to enjoy this exciting sport. Join in the excitement and experience the joy of pickleball in Warwick!

Tennis Rhode Island - West Bay Club

6 courts

Tennis Rhode Island – West Bay Club

636 Centerville Rd, Warwick, RI 02886, USA

Offers year-round play with indoor hard courts, exceptional facilities, and various amenities for pickleball enthusiasts.

Mickey Stevens Sports Complex

4 courts

Mickey Stevens Sports Complex

975 Sandy Ln, Warwick, RI, 02889, USA

Accommodates active pickleball enthusiasts, providing free access, marked courts, taller nets, and basic amenities.

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